Top 5 seiyuu combo

This required lots of thinking as there are a lot of seiyuu in the seiyuu world and I was shipping each of them left and right, dumping some ships for new ships, analysing how each seiyuu act around others and what their relationship is compared to.  I wanted to put Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono but I don’t really know much about the radio show they do. As for Hanazawa Kana and Taketatsu Ayana….Kana’s preference seems to change a lot. One minute she is fawning over Ayachi, the next Haruna and the next Ogura Yui so its hard to choose. Um…Suzumura Kenich and Sakamoto Maaya…they almost made it into my top 5 but…we all know they got married so not much to say. So these are my Top 5.

No. 5

Yuki Kaji and Shimono Hiro


Every one knows how much Hiro-kun is a drinker and Kaji-kun is always a gentleman? Apparently one night, when the two of them went drinking together, Hiro-kun got sooooooooooo damn drunk Kaji-kun had to literally dragged him out of the place they were and call Hiro’s managers cause he has no idea where he stayed. Kaji being Kaji worries for Hiro health and safety and decided to call a cab and bring him home. Unfortunately for both the driver and Kaji, Hiro….well he threw up. Once they reached Hiro’s house, Kaji had to help Hiro to take a shower and change him into clean clothing. Hiro also calls Kaji as Yu-tan. ASDFGHJKL they are like wife and husband, mother and son!!!! 可愛い ❤

No. 4

Taniyama Kishou and Shimono Hiro


The picture here says everything XD They are just both soooooooooooo cute!!!!! I’m not a fujoshi but I can’t help shipping them together…although I think I did that for No. 5. If you have not watch the Utapri live event, I suggest that you get of this page, go to google and search for the video like your life depends on it cause I seem to have lost the vid *sobs*.  SO MUCH FEELS!!!!! Kishou also has the tendency to flirt, kiss (yes kiss. No typo there) and verbally and physically  sexual harass Hiro. A pervert and an unexpecting victim.

No. 3

Nabatame Hitomi and Itou Shizuka

Itou Shizuka & Nabatame Hitomi 10

Honestly speaking, I have no idea what was going on when this picture was taken. Naba-chi and especially It-chan (the boke and tsukkomi duo on radio) both have a “hobby” of flirting with female seiyuu from EVERY industry. It-chan also claims that she has every knowledge of the shape and size of boobs each female seiyuu has (which is a little creepy) and has a dream of creating her very own harem of girls in the seiyuu world. Naba-chi just claims  that Shizuka is her wife and that Yui Horie, Kaori Shimizu, Koshimizu Ami and Noto Mamiko are her mistress…so she is more loyal to It-chan. Both were in Yabou Jinja Radio where their lover squabble begins etc. etc. Naba-chi’s mum approves of the relationship until Shizuka got married to someone in 2012…sadness. But they still are the best of friends, unless she is cheating behind her husband’s back with Naba-chi. More icha icha moments with the two here:

No. 2

Tamura Yukari and Horie Yui


Two Forever 17 onne-chan tachi walking in the streets. To be honest, I was gonna go for YukaNana but it feels bias considering FateNano, but. All the feels actually started from here:

No. 1

Mizuki Nana and Fukuen Misato


Shassu! Think of this two arasa ( Japanese slang: around thirty) as coke and mint, just chaos everywhere. If you listen to Mizuki Nana smile gang, you’ll understand. To make matters even better, they are in the same agency (must be chaos at Sigma Seven! How do they survive for 10 over years?) and sometimes in the same show. Although Misato is the kohai, while still respecting Nana as a sempai, her どSside tends to come out of nowhere and bully Nana by putting  her in painfully embarrassing and hilarious situations be it in public or within the 4 walls. No matter what Nana do to get back at Misato, the situation always turns around ending with Nana in “sad” situations. Nana stated that Misato is like a younger sister to her with Misato always eagerly nodding her head.


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